Terms of purchase


Payment and return

These terms apply to all sales of products from the online shop to consumers and to online shop sales. The customer’s order confirmation/order and these terms constitute the full agreement for the transaction.


These terms only apply to sales in Norway including Svalbard and Jan Mayen. Any freight costs to Jan Mayen must be handled over the telephone after the order registration. Customers outside this area must contact us via letter, e-mail or telephone. Sales to consumers are regulated by for instance the Norwegian Act relating to consumer purchases (forbrukerkjøpsloven)and the Norwegian Act relating to a cooling-off period in connection with certain contracts for consumer purchases (angrerettsloven).



The prices include 25% VAT.

If the VAT, taxes or other fees are changed, our prices will be changed accordingly.

For non-Norwegian customers the VAT will be removed during the checkout process.



All orders are considered binding. You will receive an order confirmation via e-mail which includes all the information you need. You will also receive an e-mail with updated information as your order is being processed.


The right to cancel the order and return the product(s)


The right to cancel the order

No transaction is complete until you have seen and approved the product. If you should regret a purchase, you can report this to us via e-mail or return the product with all the packaging within 14 days from the day you received the products (the cooling-off period) and attach a document explaining why you are returning the product. It is up to you to decide whether you want another product or your money back. Please note that the cooling-off period is extended to 3 months if you do not receive a document explaining your right to cancel the order with the product.

The condition for returning the product is that it has not been used and can be sold as new. All labels must still be attached and the original wrapping must also be included. You can return a product without giving any reasons for doing so, but we encourage you to describe the reason for returning the product on the return form. If you use the right to cancel, and return the product(s) as a package or letter, you have to pay for the return costs. Fill in the return form and explain what you are returning. When we have received the product(s) in an undamaged condition, we will reimburse your for the cost of return within 30 days. Include your bank or post giro account number on the return form to quickly receive the money to your account; otherwise the money will be sent to you using a normal giro payment.

The right to cancel the order

You have the right to cancel all your purchases within the cooling-off period of 14 days. During this period you have the right to return the products you have received without any obligations on your part except from paying the cost of return. The products must be undamaged and unused. The fees are the same irrespective of how many products you have bought. If you wish to cancel the purchase of a used product, please contact us using the contact form. In case of a conflict, you can contact the Norwegian Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet) or your local consumer office for help. We also recommend that you read the information about your right to return the product.


Force majeure

If a situation should arise that makes it impossible for us to meet our obligations with regards to this agreement, which according to generally accepted purchasing rules and regulations is deemed to constitute force majeure, the afflicted party’s obligations cease to exist for the period that the extraordinary situation endures. Situations constituting force majeure include for instance change of law, strike, lockout and other circumstances the parties have no control over, such as war, rebellion, fire, explosion or government sanctions. The same applies to sudden changes to the requirements concerning labelling of products, warning information, a ban on sales or decisions made by public authorities that affect the market and products in a negative direction or causes an abnormal drop in the market.

Information provided by the online shop

We strive to provide our customers with information that is as correct as possible. Nevertheless, typing and printing errors may occur. We may therefore not be able to supply products in accordance with information you have received through the online shop, marketing or elsewhere.