Sylphide E12 755 - RC Depot Norway edition

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F3C competition helicopter from JR Propo

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Manual for Sylphide 755 RC Depot Norway edition

Length: 1280 mm
Height: 380 mm
Gross weight: 5.8 kg ~
Main blades diameter: 1689 mm (XB755-2BL)
Tail blades diameter: 302 mm (XB105)
Gear ratios:
11.50:1:4.79 (T10 and 14T Tail Pinion)
10.45:1:4.79 (T11 and 14T Tail Pinion)
11.50:1:5.15 (T10 and 13T Tail Pinion)
10.45:1:5.15 (T11 and 13T Tail Pinion)

Swash plate upgraded with premium spherical bearing.

T10 and T11 motor pinion included. 13T tail pinion included.

F3C competition helicopter from JR Propo. Or for you who just wants one of the best helicopters when it comes to precision and quality!

The model is sold without canopy/body and without main rotor blades. XB105 tail blades included.

Recommended body is either Staysee 755 or Super Gracy 755.


This model can take main blades up to 755mm and ready to fly weight with full body is typically between 5500g and 5800g depending on the selected electronics and battery.

Weight example with Staysee 755, S87CYC cyclic servos, S89HR on tail, Kontronik Jive Pro 120, Kontronik Pyro 750 motor and Gens Ace 5000mAh 45c is 5570g.


JR Propo TAGS Mini FBL gyro together with S87CYC cyclic servo and S89HR tail servo works very well together with the Sylphide.


Please contact us for support with gyro and servo parameter setup.

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