Forza 700 green

Article no.: T0076808G

3D helicopter from JR Propo, Can be delivered with red body set. Make a note about this when ordering.

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The JR FORZA700 will let you enjoy extreme 3D flight to the Max!
Tough, lightweight frames not only offer great rigidity for 12 cell power systems, but are also maintenance friendly.

 Can be delivered with red body set. Add a note during ordering.

Forza 700 specifications

  • Overall length: 1332mm
  • Overall height: 356mm
  • Overall width: 210mm
  • Main rotor diameter: 1599mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 288mm
  • Gross weight: 3500g or more (not including battery)
  • Gear ratio: 10.18 : 1 : 4.72
  • Main shaft Diameter: 12mm
  • Tail output shaft Diameter: 6mm
  • Control system: 120deg CCPM
  • Tail shaft drive system

Low profile frame design. - Positions the center of gravity close to the rotor head, increasing cyclic response.
Modular frame design. - The upper frame holds the drive train, and the lower frame protects the batteries in the event of a crash.
Helical main and tail gears reduce gear noise and improve smoothness.
All components are positioned around the main shaft, and the servos have short, direct linkages to the swash plate. The rotor head spindle is 10mm, and the main shaft 12mm.
The battery is easily removed on a one-touch slide tray which mounts on aluminum rails. There is space for most battery configurations, and the batteries can be positioned for a perfect center of gravity.
The rear body faring supports the tail boom and ensures no boom flex. Because of the shaft drive tail, the rear body faring is easily removed.
You can choose to fly with rear body faring, or in a standard pod and boom configuration. (Note : Boom brace sets to fly in a pod and boom configuration are not included in the assembly kit. Please purchase separately)
The tail output shaft is 6mm diameter and the pitch control lever is simple and durable. The tail case has removable side plates for easy maintenance.

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